Saturday, September 26, 2009

St Francis & Clare Festival

Ty & I got to take a ride on the Farris Wheel tonight!

"See Daddy way down there?"


That was fun!

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fire Safety Week at Preschool

This week at Preschool, Ty has been learning the letter "F", and all about Fire Safety. Today the Greenwood Fire Department came!

It was raining, so Ty was all decked out in his fire raincoat :)

Ty & his friend Campbell watching the action.

They got to sit in the fireman's seats. Thought they were pretty cool stuff!

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Remembering Riley

It's great to know that Riley is still remembered. While at dinner last week, my group of wonderful friends, who we call our YaYa's, surprised me with this gift. It had been in the works for over a year. What was so neat about it, was that God had perfect timing in making them wait. Since they waited, they were able to get Riley's brick placed near his buddy Carter's brick.
Dennis, Ty, & I went to see the memorial yesterday.

You can see Carter's brick at the bottom, and then Riley's at the bottom far right.

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Race Cars!

Ty & I went out to O'Reilly Raceway Park to watch my brother Greg race in the ET Finals. My whole family was there to support him.

Ty and his "Papaw"

Mom, Dad, & Ty

Layla, Ty, & Dad

"Yea, Greggy!"

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Last weekend we got to pick up Dennis' friend Jim at the airport. While waiting for him to arrive, we were able to park in the "cell phone lot" and watch the airplanes come in. Ty LOVED it!

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

18 Month Check Up

At his check-up, Ty enjoyed running around the room naked while chewing on a tongue depressor. Hey, whatever keeps him happy!
He's right on track developmentally and has gained 3 lbs in the past 3 months (thanks to the lactose-free Whole Milk I found). He only had to get one vaccine this time, Hep A. He didn't mind it too much because he was busy looking at a book (one of his favorite pass-times lately). His first molars have slowly been coming in, as well as a few on the front bottom.
It's so cool to go to each check-up and know concretely that you're doing a good job as a parent. I never realized how much questioning of ourselves we do, wanting to make the right decisions and choices for our kids. It's hard to tell if you're doing the right thing. Time will tell for most of it, but for now it's nice to know I'm doing what I can to keep him physically healthy :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Firefighter's Parade

The 150th year of the Indianapolis Fire Dept was celebrated this weekend with a parade in downtown Indy.
My Fireman and Little Fireman were there to celebrate!
Here they come!
My Uncle Steve on the far right.
Oh, how precious.
Dennis' new Fire Engine. How cool is it that my husband drives that thing!?
2 Generations of Firefighters...maybe 3 some day :)
I'm so proud of these men!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Disney "Christmas Carol" train stopped in Bargerville today on it's nationwide tour.
Ty is really into trains right now, so we thought we'd take him to see it.
There was a 5hr wait to get inside! No thanks! But he was just happy to see a train that close. Actually, there was a shuttle bus/tractor (like at the fair), and each time it went by he'd say "Choo Choo". So I'm sure he would have been happy with just that ;)

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Today Ty & I enjoyed a super-fun day at Trader's Point Christian Church's indoor playground "Park".
We went along with my SIL, Denise, her son Brayton and nephew Al.
And our friend Crystal, her daughter Shelby, and new baby Caiden met us there as well.
How cool is this place!?

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ty's 1st Dentist Appt

Today was Ty's 1st Dentist appointment. I wasn't sure when I should take him for the first time and we getting conflicting answers. So I called up the office I wanted to take him to, and surprisingly they said 12-18month old. So here we are! He has 6 teeth and apparently some molars coming anytime now. I didn't realize one had already broken through til the doc showed me.
Ty did really well. They had him sit on my lap facing me, then he leaned back into the Dentist's lap to have his teeth cleaned. They called it "tickling his teeth". He was excited to sit in the Big Chair afterwards and even more excited about the balloon he got on the way out!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

An April Baby!

Today we had our first OB appointment. I was super nervous. My mind was racing with all the things that could go wrong. But once I saw that little flickering heartbeat, tears of happiness flowed! It's such an amazing thing that I don't think I can ever grasp. We're very excited, yet with still a few nerves. Our due date is April 12, 2010!
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Ty Happenings...

It's been awhile since I've posted, yet daily Ty cracks us up with something new. For instance just over the weekend, he started saying "yeah". His answer to EVERYTHING used to be "no". I had never heard him say yes, although we'd been working on it. Then out of nowhere he comes up with "yeah". It's so cute.

He's also really into Apples lately. "Bapple", as Ty would say. He walks around the house with it taking the tiniest bites with his 6 little front teeth. At first he was biting off the skin and throwing it onto the floor. So we had to work on teaching him that if he doesn't want it, then it goes in the trash. Which was followed by another lesson that not everything goes in the trash. Well recently we found his "bapple" hidding place...under his ride-on firetruck seat. We were watching TV one night and watched him walk over, lift up the lid, and continue to eat the apple he'd left there for himself (who knows how long ago).

Ty is also becoming much better at eating with utensils and even asks for one with his meals.

He continues to enjoy going to preschool. Each morning I'll say, "You wanna go to school today?" He says, "Yeah", and runs to get his backpack.

There's so many other things. I'll have to post more often and write as I think of them :)