Monday, August 24, 2009

Turbo Ty

My Dad made this awesome helmet for Ty. One day real soon, I know he'll have a life-size version.We've called him "Turbo" ever since he became mobile.
And he got his 1st Motorcycle Ride.

I know, I know...don't alert the authorities (although we got a few looks from neighbors). Dennis went very slow and Ty loved every minute of it.

On the Move 24/7

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

This afternoon was Girl's Day at the Spa for Mom's Birthday :)
We all got pedicures.
Me, Mom, & Dana
My Neices Brianna & Layla got their toes painted too.
Dad brought mom a fountain coke. Now that's service! relaxing
Geez, we should do this more often.
The girls were so good waiting for their nails to dry.
Mom & the girls drying their toe nails.
The finished product!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

NICU Reunion '09

This past weekend was the 11th Annual NICU Reunion Picnic for St. Vincent Hospital. It's such a great thing where our babies who have "graduated" come and we get to reunite and see how they are doing now. We also get to bring our own families as well. The kids have so much fun!
This is my friend Carissa's son, Ayden, taking a pony ride.
Ty checking out the goat at the petting zoo area.
This is an animal named Mya. LOL
Carissa & I rode with our little ones on the train ride :)
Ty got the play the "duckie game".
It was super hot, but they had these great misting fans all over the park.
Future Firefighters!
And these are a few of the great gals I work with. BTW-there were about 4 other cameras taking pictures at the same time. Hence why we are all looking in different directions ;)
(Me, Jamie, Emily, Brianna, Carissa, Katie, Kelly, Shelly, Becca)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Surprise Sprinkle for Katie

Today the girls at work had a surprise shower for my friend Katie. I learned that people are now calling it a "Sprinkle" for the 2nd baby. How cute. Especially since it was poolside.
My preggo friends Emily, Julia, & Katie.
I learned a few days later, I should have added myself to this picture. More on that in days to come...
Erin, Brianna, & Katie
Bri & Tessa
The kids "sharing" a cup of ice.
Mya, Ty, & Nolan

My cutie-pa-tootie who lost his shorts.
Awe, aren't these the cutest kids!?
Mya, Tessa, & Ty

Potty Already!?

I walked into the bathroom today to find this:
He had tried to pull his diaper down and everything!
Too funny! We haven't even started potty training. He likes to sit on his potty (pants on) while we go. Then when we're done, he'll flush his too. But appearantly he's catching on to more than I realized. Must be watching daddy since he knew to pick up a book to read ;)
Funny thing is, a few minutes later after he was done on the potty, he had poop in his diaper. May just be coincidence. I'm not ready for this! Anyone have any advice?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Ty's "Night Club"

At night, we try to dim all the lights and get Ty to calm down before bed. Tonight he found his shades, which he LOVES by the way, and started dancing to a song that came on TV. So funny.
"Hey, get that camera out of here! I'm trying to dance."
He's such a HAM.