Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Potty Already!?

I walked into the bathroom today to find this:
He had tried to pull his diaper down and everything!
Too funny! We haven't even started potty training. He likes to sit on his potty (pants on) while we go. Then when we're done, he'll flush his too. But appearantly he's catching on to more than I realized. Must be watching daddy since he knew to pick up a book to read ;)
Funny thing is, a few minutes later after he was done on the potty, he had poop in his diaper. May just be coincidence. I'm not ready for this! Anyone have any advice?


Nick Hampton said...

That's officially the funniest thing I have ever seen! I love that kid!

Sondra said...

Take it and run, they say there is a window of opportunity where they can learn at Ty's age. Get some potty books and super congratulate him when he goes on the potty!

Sarah Pead said...

Oh my goodness! I lost it when I saw this! Absolutely hilarious!!!!!

Jodi said...

Cute pictures!!! Priceless! Go for it! Start now! I'm a "crazy" though and was an early potty trainer (Ali was 15 months!) so i think earlier is better. Good Luck!