Monday, September 29, 2008

1st Pumpkin!

My Aunt Diann grew lots of things in her garden this year. Tonight she and my cousins, Grant & Grace, stopped by to give Ty his first pumpkin!

6 Month Check-up

Ty's 6 Month check-up was today. It was a couple weeks late because his doctor was on maternity leave. But we were her first appt back :) Ty passed all his developmental milestones with flying colors. He's taking baby food well, sleeping well, reaching and holding things mid-line, starting to sit on his own, and is even crawling! The doctor was surprised when she put him on his belly and he hopped right up and started to crawl. I was so proud.
She gave us the go ahead to start giving him soft table food and said by the time she sees us again she wouldn't be surprised if he's starting to take a few steps! I got a little teary-eyed. Everyone tells you how fast they grow up, but it's hard to imagine until you experience it. I'm really loving this stage he is in. He is so much more interactive. But I guess my goal as his mother is to raise him, not keep him my baby forever. Sniff...Sniff...

Here's his stats:
Nearly 20 lbs! And in the 90th percentile for everything.
He was a big boy and got 2 shots this time. He would have gotten more, but luckily there is a new vaccine that combines 3 of them into one shot.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Back to CG

Tonight my mom, Ty & I went back to my old stomping grounds (Center Grove High School) to watch my cousin Gabby play in the powder puff. It was strangely familiar yet very different at the same time. If we stay in the house we are in now, or nearby, Ty will go to CG too. I can't wait to go to his sporting events.

But tonight was Gabby's night. Powder Puff has really grown since I was there. There was a very large crowd of spectators and the game seemed a lot more organized. Each class had their own color of T-shirt (and not the homemade kind we had). Anyway, it was a good time. Here are some pictures:
Me & my cousin Grace

Ty getting some love'n from grandma

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"Look What I Can Do"

In the past week or so Ty has figured out how to get onto all fours and rock. Yesterday he figured out how to lift his arms and move forward. we come!

(press play)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Family Fun Day

At Greenwood High School all the seniors must complete a Senior Project in order to graduate. Each student decides what their project will be. Most of them revolve around some type of community service. My neice Jacque decided for her project that she would organize a couple fundraising events to benefit some local missionaries. Today was Family Fun Day, the first of her planned events. It was at Perry Park and all were welcome. There was games, music, food, face painting, fingernail painting, crafts...and much more.
Jacque & Ty
This is my dad, my mother-in-law, Dennis & Ty, and little Katie (a friend's daughter).
Dennis is such a good dad.
My sister-in-law Denise is a nail technician and offered her services for the event. Here she is painting my neice Layla's nails. My neice Brianna is looking on.
Here's the finished product. She wanted blue on one hand and purple on the other.
Brianna got her nails done too...
My newphew Brayton had his face painted and a football painted on his hand.
This is my other nephew Griffin sporting his new du and a football painted on his face.
My beautiful neice Montana got painted as well
Me & my mom :)
The grandkids on my side
Ty playing with a piece of ice. Another one of Dennis' brilliant ideas to entertain Ty on a hot day.
The Chick-a-fila Cow made an appearance
Ty just stared at it. The real reason I posted this particular picture is so that you could see the tiny bright yellow car in the background. No, that's not a golf cart, it's Dawn's new Smart Car.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

6 Month Pictures

Oh, the 6 month pictures...what a trip. I scheduled our appointment in the morning thinking that would be the best timing since his nap times change from day to day. So we all got up and ready to go to Portrait Innovations by 9am. Usually it is crying that most moms worry about, but for Ty it wasn't crying, it was waking up. It was like he was in a daze and jingle bells, peek-a-boo, and any other silly face or noise wasn't going to get him to smile. So after sitting down to look through the over 75 pictures they took and listening to the sales pitch, we decided to reschedule for that afternoon.

Dennis & I weren't real happy about how pushy they seemed to be at Portrait Innovations, so we decided to go to JCPenney instead. At 2:00, I made sure he had napped, was fed, changed, and ready for pictures. But again, he just wasn't into it. I realize that you're not always going to get a smile, but it was more like he was out of it. So, defeated once again, I decided to give up for the day.

Of course I was bummed, but as Dennis reminded me "they're just pictures". As any of you who read my blog knows, I take them all the time. What's the difference right? I don't really know, but it just seems like we have to have professional ones, at least at the milestone ages. I have quite a few friends who have taken great pictures for me in the past (Brandy & Meagan :) But I think it would be the same situation.

So today, I resigned to taking some at home myself. Actually it was kind of fun. Ty still wasn't into it very much, but at least a little more than yesterday. So here's what I've got:

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Another Fun-Filled Weekend

Another busy, but fun-filled weekend was had by the Black family. For Father's Day this past June, Ty bought Dennis tickets to the Motorcycle Grand Prix at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. This was the first year for this event in Indianapolis. Although the weather was a mess from remnants of Hurricane Ike, the race was still on.

So while Dennis was at the race events all weekend with friends, Ty and I decided to spend some time with my parents. My Dad watched Ty for the afternoon, so my mom & I could go see a movie. We saw The Women. It was a fairly decent movie, maybe hyped a little too much, but over-all a good "girlie movie".

On Sunday, Ty turned 6 months old! So it was time for some pictures. Ty gets his 6 month pictures done by himself tomorrow, so I'll post those when I get them. But on Sunday we had pictures taken of the grandkids on Dennis' side of the family. I was too busy helping pose the kids and doing silly things to get them all to smile to take pictures of the moment. But here are a few while we waited.
(Jacque & Ty)
Then Sunday night I made some BBQ chicken, hominy and green beans for dinner. I decided to give homemade baby food a try. It's really simple and the green beans had been steamed already for Dennis & I. So I put some in the food processor and added a little water. Here's what came out...YUMMY!
You're supposed to freeze the baby food in ice cube trays. We didn't have any, so Dennis came up with the idea to use our mini-muffin pans. Genius!
Well, that was our fun weekend. Stay tuned for more adventures of the Black Family :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cute Reminders

The house was quite for a few moments today as Dennis was at work and Ty was napping. I caught up on some email and had a few sips of my coffee. Finally deciding to get some housework done, I started to pick up things lying around the house. And I came across these... Cute little reminders that there is a new member to our family.

Not very long ago I can remember Dennis & I saying how weird it was going to be to have another person living in our house. Now that this "other person" is here, it's not so weird. Actually, it feels just right.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Yep, He's Mine!

Since birth, Ty has had a striking resemblance to Dennis. Although a few people said they could see some of me in him, for the most part, he's his father. Until mom ran across one of my baby pictures and was shocked to see how much we look alike. I can't get over it. It's so cool to see pictures of both of us at that age. Yep, he's definitely mine :)
Amy- 6 1/2 months old
Ty- 5 months old

Boy Territory

My boys...working in the garage...

Monday, September 8, 2008

Our Busy Weekend

On Saturday, Ty & I went out to Raceway Park to watch my brother Greg dragrace.

The cars are very loud, so Ty wore some cute headphones.
We had a good time visiting with my neices Brianna (middle) & Layla (right)...
and Aunt Dana.

We also enjoyed spending some time in Greg & Dana's new motorhome.

This is my Aunt Patty & Uncle Brian. Brian was tickling Ty's toes and he was cracking up.
My wonderful Uncle Steve
Cousin Lyndsay
Auntie Frosty
And doggie Colt
Ty was pretty tired from a long day at the race track, so we stopped by my friend Carissa Young's house for a nap. He decided that he'd rather play with Mya than nap though. It was nice for us mommies to spend time together too.
Then we stopped in to see Daddy at the firehouse.
Each time we visit, we take pictures of Ty standing next to the firetruck tires to see how tall he's getting.

Still can't fill Daddy's shoes
It was a long day. Ty was pretty wore out by the end.
Then on Sunday, we went to my newphew Brayton's 3rd Birthday party.

My neice Montana
Ty & "Aunt" Pam
"Aunt" Ronnie gave Ty his first taste of icecream
He decided he'd like some more
Ty & daddy got in some playtime (with motorcycles of course!)
Ty was pretty wipped out by the end of the day. It was a good weekend!