Saturday, June 27, 2009

Freedom Festival

I love love love this holiday season. The warm weather, cookouts, community parades and celebration. Ahhh... Ty & I attended the Greenwood Freedom Festival this weekend. He loved watching all the action passing by in the parade
(as well as a few suckers that were thrown his way).

"Vroom, Vroom...Ty loves motorcycles"

...and doggies

This is my friend Amy and her two boys Owen & Cooper.
We went to the parade together.

Ty's friend Luke Osborne got to ride in the Sheriff's petal car.

We had lots of sweaty fun that day! I was happy to have my summer craving: Lemon Shake-up! And Ty had his share of treats that day too: suckers, hot dog, Dip'nDots, cotton candy...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Fun in the Sun!

Today Ty & I met up with some of our friends at the Monon Center Pool. This was Ty's first time swimming since last summer when he was just an infant. In typical boy fashion, he had no fear and ran right in to the baby pool. Silly me forgot my camera, so this is the only shot I was able to steel from my friend Brianna. Ty is the one in the middle trying to put his face in the water. His friend Mya Young is at the bottom and Nolan Jahn at the top.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


We were so excited to take Ty to the Zoo for the 1st time today. He LOVES animals. The weather was perfect and we had some fun family time.

The bears were wrestling around and playing. It entertained us for quite awhile.


The Rhinos were being lazy, so Ty didn't really "get it".
He loved running back and forth on this swinging bridge.
The monkeys were fighting, so that was entertaining.
Then we decided to let Ty play at the Splash park. He LOVED it.


Ty running away with the icecream cone...
Then we went to see the fishies...or "ish" as Ty would say.
Ty got to pet the sharks
He wasn't sure what to think about that!
And we finished off the day at the Dolphin Show!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

15 Month Pictures

Here are Ty's 15 month pictures. We went to Portrait Innovations this time. I like that they give the prints to you the same day. It's wonderful for us impatient mommies. The color is a bit off because I scanned them.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

15 Month Check-up

So who feels like the worst mom in the world???! Ty had his 15 month check-up today and found out he as an ear infection (his first). I honestly thought he was starting the terrible two's early, or he was acting up because I went back to work, or because his belly was upset since we tried whole milk again. Nope, an ear infection. Did I mention I'm a nurse too? Geez.

Ty showing of his "owie". He got just 1 shot this time.

Look at that face! Can you see why I thought we were entering the terrible two's?

But no...the pour guy just wasn't feeling good.
Laying down sucking his thumb. So sweet.

AND we have to take him back in a month for another weight check because he has continued to drastically decline on his weight percentile. I've noticed that he's skinny-minnie, but the boy can eat! So I didn't worry too much. The doc wants us to give him pediasure and as much fattening stuff as he will eat. She said butter on everything, whole milk cheeses/yogurt, peanutbutter... You know, all those things I'm trying to avoid so I can lose weight. Actually whole milk products are kind of hard to find. I had to really search. The majority of food is made with low fat-milk these days.

We tried for the 3rd time to switch Ty to whole milk. And again he was pooping like crazy and developed a rash. It's so weird since he tolerated milk-based formula okay and can have cheese & yogurt. So I guess we'll stick to soy for now.

Other than that, Ty's doing well. Meeting all his developmental milestones...running, climbing, babbling, trying to eat with utensils. He's a lot of fun.

And like any other little boy, no matter how bad he feels, he's not down for long!

And he still loves his mommy :)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

10 Year Reunion

Tonight was our 10 Year High School Reunion. It was at German Park in Indianapolis.
Being the president of our class, I was in charge of putting on the event. It was WAY more work than I imagined. But it also went WAY better than I had hoped. Everyone was very thankful and said they had a great time. We had about 150 people come out of a class of 460.

I was so busy making sure things were running smoothly that I didn't take any pictures once the event started. Nor was I a very good wife and left Dennis to entertain himself. Sorry hunny!

I did manage to take a few pictures of our Reunion Committee getting things ready before the event. And I copied a few from other people who have posted on Facebook ;)

So here ya go!

This is my Reunion Committee. Stacy is trying to show us how to pose like Paris Hilton.