Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Days of Our Lives

As a stay-at-home mom I frequently get asked, "What do you do all day?"
Well here's a glimpse...

Basically we entertain each other. Ty has recently discovered his toes.
" See my big foot?!"
"Mom takes lots of pictures. Here, let me check that thing out."
"All most got it..."
It's not all play, we do some housework too...
And then there is Peek-a-Boo...
(press play)

Monday, July 28, 2008


I wish I had a recorder in the car this weekend. Dennis & I were driving to his parents house and Ty was not real happy about being strapped in the car seat. We were talking and all of the sudden we heard, "Mom-Mom". We both stopped and looked at each other like "Did you hear that?" So what qualifies it as his first word? I don't know. But we sure felt like he was trying to get my attention!

BTW-his rash is clearing up finally :)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

My 1st "Duh" Parenting Moment

So from the last post you can see that we started baby food. AND that we started it on the same day he got his 4 month vaccines. DUH...dumb idea! Hello? I'm embarrassed to call myself a nurse. So now Ty has a nice rash that we have no way of knowing what it's from.

The rash appeared the day after starting baby food and getting his vaccines. He woke up with it on his left cheek. I just thought he had rubbed his face on his blanket (he's a belly sleeper). It did seem to become a little more irritated as the day went on, but then again he slept on his belly at every nap. He was on green beans for 2 days (like I was told to do), then the 3rd day we went to peas. The rash was on both cheeks then and was starting to appear on his right ear. Finally a light bulb went on! We stopped baby food.

So then I wondered if it was a vaccine reaction? But they were the same vaccines he had last time and didn't have a reaction. The thing is, he's been off baby food for over 24hrs now and it seemed to get even worse today. That's why we are thinking maybe the Tylenol? He had a dose last night before bed. He also got Tylenol around the clock for 2 days. Could it be that? He doesn't have diarrhea, but definitely more frequent stools and very gassy, a little nose congestion too and his eyes are watery at times.

Poor guy has to be the guinea pig for us 1st time parents. Lesson learned though.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Greenbeans & Vaccines

Ty had his 4 month check up today. He's right on track. Here are his new stats:
At his appointment he got 5 vaccines. He wanted to show you his cool Snoopy bandaids.

We also got the okay to start baby food. So we started with greenbeans.

Needless to say he only took a couple spoonfuls before gagging and deciding he wasn't a fan of greenbeans. We'll keep trying.


Ty's friend Carly let him borrow her Jumparoo. He loves it!
(press play)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Well, Baby Mania anyway. Let the wrestling begin........
By unanimous decision, the winner is....Ty!

"What Mom, we're busy here."

Monday, July 14, 2008

Ty is 4 Months Old Today!

My 1st "Paranoid Mom" Appointment

I had my first "paranoid mom" doctor's appointment today. In the past week Ty has started pulling on his left ear. At first I thought he had just discovered his ears. But then I started to think that maybe his ear was bothering him. He had no other symptoms. Not extra fussy, sleeping fine, eating well, only a low grade fever. But for my peace of mind I went ahead and made him an appointment. Everything checked out fine. You'd think that may have been a waste of money, but isn't a price for peace of mind.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Helping Daddy

Dennis and I did some yard work this weekend. Ty decided to help by holding our water bottle for us.

First Bump on the Head

Ty has been getting bored with the exersaucer lately. So I decided to see what he would think about the Johnny Jumper. I tried to help him jump up and down, and he thought that was fun but didn't quite understand that he could do it himself. Instead he liked to walk a few steps forward then swing to the side. Which was real fun until he swung into the the door frame and bumped his head. He curled up his bottom lip and started to cry until he saw me laughing (I know, it's a bad family habit). He was fine, no bruises. Next time we'll do it in a wider area.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Rolling Over

Ty has recently discovered how fun it can be to roll onto his stomach. He has been rolling onto his back from quite some time. But now knowing he can go both ways, he wants to practice all the time. This is very cute until he decided that diaper changing was the perfect opportunity to practice his new skill. Oh boy, the disciplining begins...

Monday, July 7, 2008


Ty got a new swingset today, thanks to my parents. Dennis and his dad spent all day setting it up. Ty has never liked the baby swing we have inside the house, but he loves his swing outside. Go figure.

Pardon my annoying baby sounds. The things we do to make our babies laugh... ;)

Learning To Eat

I thought I'd take some more pictures of Ty learning to eat cereal. He's really getting the hang of it, although you wouldn't know it by the pictures. Ty's very interested in what's going on around him when he's in his Bumbo seat. He likes to lean to one side and see what's on the table, or what's on TV in the other room. Or heaven forbid Dennis walk in the room...Ty watches his daddy's every move.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Grandma & Grandpa Black's 60th Anniversary

Happy Anniversary

This was the first time Grandma & Grandpa Black got to meet baby Ty
4 Generations

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

3 Month Pictures

We had our first adventure to a professional photography studio for Ty's 3 Month pictures. They turned out great. I'm really happy with them. Our scanner is not working, so the pictures you see are pictures taken of the pictures. So they don't do them as much justice as if they are seen in person. But you get the idea. I was mad a myself for not getting more larger prints. I was so worried about getting enough wallets for the family that I spaced that part. I'm learning.