Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ty Gets Tubes

Finally after 3 months of ear infections, 4 antibiotics, and numerous doctor appointments, Ty is finally getting tubes put in his ears today.

We had to be there early, so he came in his jammies. He was a bit confused about what we were up to, but excited when he saw this cool fish tank in the waiting room.
I just love his sleepy eyes (just like his daddy).
Once in our pre-op room, the boys were happy to discover we had a TV.
And we got Ty into his "silly shirt" (the kids hospital gown).
He finally warmed up to sitting in the hospital bed, as long as mommy laid with him :)
Of course I was glad to. I'm trying to soak up these cuddly moments.
And he got a hospital band with a cool Thomas the Train sticker on it.
After the surgery, which only took 10minutes, they called us back as soon as he woke up. He was, well let's say GRUMPY! And very confused. He kept asking for mommy and I was holding him. Killed me. But the wonderful nurses reassured us that he wasn't in pain, just confused and out of sorts after being under anesthesia.
One of Ty's nurses was my friend Allyson Wilmouth's mom. It's always wonderful to have a familiar face. She picked out an Eore balloon for Ty since that was the kind of mood he was in ;)
But once we got home, within an hour he was back to his little self. Such a character!
Mommy, cutting off his ID band.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

28 Weeks

A new 'do' for momma :) It just felt like it was time for a change. And my wonderful cousin, Gabby, is in the Paul Mitchel Institute right now, so I let her give it go~

So we're at 28 weeks now, finally the 3rd trimester. This pregnancy has sure been a bit tougher than the others. I'm sure there are many factors into that. Overall I can't complain. My immune system could use a break though. I've had the stomach flu twice in the past 2 weeks. Followed by an overdose of phenergan due to a mix-up at my pharmacy (I was supposed to get 12.5mg and they gave me 50mg). Thankfully there doesn't seem to be any long term effects yet, other than I was completely knocked out for 2 days. Thank you God for an amazing husband and parents who took care of me & my son during that time! And soon after recovering from that, I now have bronchitis. FUN FUN!

But all is checking out well with the baby. My BP and weight are doing fine. I'm measuring 29 weeks instead of 28, which doesn't surprise me or anyone who sees me (I seem quite large). This little guy is very active, which is reassuring. He likes to wake me up at 3/4:00 am each morning to pee and reminds me that I'm hungry. Lately he's been asking for lots of chocolate icecream :)

Here's a monthly belly progression...
12 Weeks
16 Weeks
20 Weeks
24 Weeks
28 Weeks
We still have yet to decide on a name for this little guy. For some reason it seems much harder this time around. The front runners seem to be Trey & Owen. No matter what his name will be, I'm sure he'll be an awesome little guy. I can't wait to meet him soon :)

Uncle Steve is Back in Action!

Dennis and I were proud to attend my Uncle Steve's swearing in at the Greenwood Fire Dept. After serving many years at IFD, Uncle Steve had decided to retire. Soon after, he learned that his prostate cancer had returned. While battling the cancer, Uncle Steve also learned that he had developed throat cancer. And during this same time, my Aunt Frosty (Steve's wife) also learned she had thyroid cancer. It was amazing to watch these two battle against it all and WIN! Given more time, Uncle Steve decided to return to the life he loved in firefighting. He worked up his strength back to pass the agility tests and recertify his EMT license. It's so great to see him Back In Action!

Fun with Cooper & Campbell

A few weekends ago, we got to spend the whole day with 3 adorable little boys! Ty, and his two friends Cooper & Campbell. After playing hard at the McDonald's playland and a good nap, Dennis decided to take the boys sledding.
Ty's all dressed up in his snow gear, but would prefer to stay inside and watch a movie. That's my boy!
Campbell's not quite sure what's about to happen, but he's ready!
Dennis carrying the two little boys out to the hill.
Notice that mommy is being smart and taking pictures from the warm indoors :)
And...after just one ride down the hill, Ty had enough and insisted on coming back inside.
So we watched from the window as the other boys played in the snow.

One last ride. Dennis insisted that Ty give it one more try. I think he liked it slightly better that time. Still not convinced. Maybe next year.
Nothing tops off a fun day like Grandma Black's chocolate chip cookies and milk!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Brie's Birthday at Bouncertown

My beautiful neice Brianna turned 4 a few days ago. Yesterday we celebrated with all her family and friends at Bouncertown.
My niece Layla was able to entice Ty to go through the big obsticle course by telling him to come get his ducky she got for him. To our surprise, he went!

Once he got the hang of it, he went again and again!
Happy Birthday Brie
My cute parents looking on.

Christmas with the Black's

Dennis' family did things a bit different this year for Christmas. They decided to go around and visit each of their grandkids at their houses for Christmas.
Grandpa Black brought Ty a new MP3 player!
Ty loved opening presents this year.
And one special present for our Riley, a handpainted ornament from a child at Riley Hospital.
Ty wanted to help us hang it on the tree. He knew right where it went. We love to tell Ty about his brother Riley and we pray for him every night.
Then we went to Dennis' parent's house on New Years Day to celebrate together and open stockings :)
And the biggest hit was the candy necklace. Who'd a thought!?
Grandma reading to Ty