Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ty Update

Houston, we have a climber.
Ty has grown taller recently and more daring (despite his fall from the counter top). His new favorite thing to do is climb up on the ledge of our fireplace and look out the window. He climbs up and down all day long.

I've had a few things going on in the evening lately, so Dennis has been putting Ty to bed. They have figured out their own routine. Dennis sits with Ty in the recliner and they watch Mad Money while taking his sippy cup. Ty loves to watch it for some reason. He doesn't pay much attention to the TV at home, but when Wheel of Fortune or Mad Money comes on, he stops and watches.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Birthday Invitation Pictures

A couple weeks ago, I did a photo shoot of Ty so I could put a picture on his birthday invitations. Now that the invites are out, I can share the pictures with you. I thought they were cute. We decided to have a small family birthday party. I know...weird to not go ALL OUT for our 1st kid's 1 birthday...but it is in March so everyone will be inside our small house. Plus, I didn't want Ty to get too overwhelmed (me either). So just a couple people and some cake :) We're doing a firefighter theme (surprise, surprise). Here's my cutie-pa-tootie:

Friday, February 20, 2009

Children's Museum

My friend Cassie invited Ty & I to the Children's Museum today with her son Luke!

Taking a picture of Luke taking my picture...
Ty playing in the sand at PlayScape...
The feature this time was Lego Land!

Prince Ty
He LOVED this little Dragon puppet

Playing with the blown "glass"
Luke watching for the train. Choo Choo!
Next, we were off to see the Dinosaurs...
Not sure what kind of face Ty is making here. :)

Ty kept playing with this flap that lifted up & down. I wasn't paying much attention til Cassie came over with Luke to see what Ty was looking at. It was Raptor dung... LOL
Playing with Ty-sized dinosaurs
We had a great time. Thanks Cassie & Luke!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

1st Trip to the ER

So I feel like the worst mother in the world. Ty fell off our island counter today. I sat him up there and turned to grab something under the sink. Before I looked up, he had gone off the back. I wasn't sure how he fell or landed, or how I even picked him up. He, of course, was screaming. I took him in the hall to cool off by the fan (it usually calms him down). And boy did it calm him, he went to sleep right away. That worried me, so I called Dennis at work. Before the call could even go through, Ty puked all over me. Needless to say, that was the final straw and we headed to the ER. He fell asleep on the way which worried me even more. I had called my mom to meet me there. As soon as Ty saw her, he perked up a bit.
Everything on physical examination and vital signs came out normal, but since he was lethargic and had vomited they decided to do a CAT scan anyway. It all came back fine, Thank God. After I finally calmed down a bit (and Ty too), my mom convinced me to take a picture of him on his first (of many we assume) visit to the ER:

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jump & Play

Today Dennis, Ty, & I went to Jump & Play for Ayden Young's birthday party.

Ty going down the slide with Daddy...

Now Momma's turn...

Basketball in the Black-Light Room

Down the slide with Calvin & Mya!

Growing Vocabulary

Ty has started saying more and more words. His first was Mom-Mom. That has now turned into Ma-ma-ma-ma. His second word was Da-da. Then a month or so ago he started saying Na-na-na-na (meaning No). Now that he's more mobile, he's heard that word more often ;) Last week he surprised us with Ba-ba-ba-ba. At first I thought it was bottle, which he hasn't had for weeks now. But he soon showed us that he was saying "ball". And then yesterday while reading his favorite book, he said Dog :) It's so cute to hear him communicate more and more.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

Dennis & I celebrated Valentine's Day the day prior since he had to work on the actual holiday. I received these beautiful roses...
...and then that night my mom came to watch Ty so we could have a date night. Dennis & I went to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, House of Tokyo. Then we went to the Firefighter's Union Hall to celebrate my Auntie Frosty's 50th Birthday. We had a great time.

The next day, on Valentine's Day, Ty & I surprised Dennis at work with some yummy cookies. This was the first time Ty was old enough to be really interested in all the fire trucks. He just kept looking around and wanting to touch it all...My Two Handsome Men!
If you follow our blog, you know that each time we take Ty to the firehouse, we take a picture of him next to the firetruck's tire to see how tall he's getting. Here's a recap:




And now at 11 MONTHS!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yea More Teeth!

Ty was playing around on the floor today and I thought he was chewing on something in his mouth. So I held him down & tried to swoop my finger around in his mouth to get it out. Turns out he wasn't chewing on anything, it was 2 new teeth coming in!

He had been fussy and had some nasty diapers, but I just figured he was sick. I expected that he'd get his other bottom tooth or top middles ones next, so I wasn't looking (or feeling) for these! Kind of freaked me out as a 1st time mom, so of course I looked online to see if it was okay. I guess it is. Some kids get their teeth in different orders and those that are not straight usually will straighten as the others come in. For now we have a hillbilly kid with one crooked tooth on the bottom and two widespread ones on top ;) LOL

Friday, February 6, 2009

Now That's Tired

I've been trying to get Ty to play by himself and not need me at his side every minute. So I took him to his "playroom" this morning after breakfast and walked out to check my email. I heard him playing off and on, then after awhile realized that it was quiet back there. Quiet usually means he is into something he shouldn't be. So I thought I'd check it out. This is what I found:
He was TOTALLY out of it. Standing up with his head on the bed. He NEVER falls asleep playing. I had to run and grab the camera. Before I could get another shot, he heard me and woke up...
I walked around the bed to see exactly how he was standing and realized he was half standing/half sitting on his chair. He must have started to climb up on the bed and realized how soft the bed felt on his face and fell asleep. Too funny!