Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas with Ty

We're all set up and ready!
Ty went to his grandparents so we could have time to get things put together.
Here's his Big Boy bed! We moved the crib into the new nursery and set his bed up for when he comes home.
He's home! And so excited to see his new chair :)
"Oooo...what's this ma?"
He LOVES Dora & Diego right now.

Dennis & Ty have been making lots of forts with blankets lately. So we decided to get him a tent for Christmas.
Markers! Washable, of course. Thanks to Mrs Rosario and Miss Tori, Ty has become very good at holding writing utensils the correct way. It's amazing to watch him learn.
"Oh wow!"
And for the big finale, we took him to his room to see his new bed. He was so excited to be able to get up and down all by himself.

Checking out the light on top.
"Peek a boo!"
"Okay, get out. I'm ready for a nap."
We had a great time. It was so much fun this year and I'm sure will be more and more exciting in years to come.
After our fun-filled afternoon at home, we went to my parent's house for the Dillman's Christmas :)

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