Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Drew, 1 Month and Rolling!

Today was Drew's 1 Month check-up, and he's doing great!
As you can see from his sticker, he's gained 1 lb since birth. We are still nursing, but only for a bit longer. Regardless of what I try (extra pumping/feedings, fluids, no caffeine, fenugreek...), my milk is dwindling away. And boy does Drew let me know it, especially in the evenings! From about 6-9PM, he's quite the grouch. The only thing that satisfies him is to nurse. But what I found out from pumping is that I have a "milk shortage" in the evening for whatever reason. Drew also has Reflux to the point where he arches in pain and it comes out his nose. Poor guy! So today we start Zantac. Hopefully that will help. And as my supply goes down, we will start to introduce formula in the next few weeks. I'm a bit sad about that. Nursing was going so much better this time around. But I also look forward to my morning coffee again and not having to pump once I return to work (which will hopefully be soon, I miss it!). "To everything, there is a season", right? :)

Ok, this isn't the best picture, but I had to capture the moment! Drew Rolled Over!
I guess if you get mad enough, you can do anything right?
Getting ready to sneeze...this kid sneezes more than anyone I know.

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