Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ty's 2010 Preschool Graduation

Tonight was Ty's Preschool Graduation.
Ok, so he's not going into kindergarten or anything...but it was his first year in a school-like setting. He has learned so much. And I am incredibly thankful to his teachers. I mean, not that many 2 year old's can count to twenty (although most of the time it's out of order ;) He's learning his colors, shapes, & letters as well. And as we saw tonight, he's become quite the "Ham" during singing & dancing time. Ms. Doughtery has reported that Ty's breakdancing is quite the show. And one of his biggest achievements is the beginning stages of potty training!!!

Ty brought this flower for Ms. Doughtery.
However, he was distracted by a pretty little girl named Faith and decided to give it to her instead ;)

Drew was there with his Grandma & Grandpa Dillman to support his big bro.
The Center of Attention

Ty, walking across the stage, graduating with Ms. Doughtery.

checking out his cool present

The "Seedlings" Class


Kellie said...

how sweet amy! he looks so old...geesh. i am so glad for you two to have such a beautiful famliy, here and in heaven. love ya girl!

Sarah Pead said...

Congrats Ty-Ty! He's getting so big! And he's quite the dancer.