Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

I could not pass up buying this picture of Drew. It's just so "Classic Drew".

Christmas Eve Dennis & I stayed up late wrapping the presents and had them all ready for the boys when they woke up. Ty was so out of it that he didn't even pay attention. Finally I asked him to put an ornament on the tree to see if he would notice the presents then...
This is the awesome ornament that Ty's preschool teacher, Tori, made for us. It has a picture of him as a newborn & one from 2 yrs old. I love love love it!

Finally, I pointed to the presents and said to Ty, "What's that?" He looked at me and said with surprise, "That's my name!" Then he realized they were for him and he got to open them :)

Dennis' parents enjoy coming early to watch the kids open their presents Christmas morning. Drew was more interested in his bottle at the moment.

...ok, now he's waking up...

"Open it Papa!!!"
Ty wanted to help Drew open his presents.

...can you guess what happened right after I took this picture...
(yep, he tipped right on over)
Stocking Time!
Dennis had fun picking out lots of inexpensive little toys for the stockings.

The big hit of the day...Ty's Drum Set
Toy Land
Then it was off to Grandma's House We Go!
Big Grandma tickling Ty :)
Four Amigos?
The guys...Car-talking

Drew got to open his gift first b/c it was his bedtime.

Me & my Bubby

And finally, a few days later, we celebrated with Dennis' family

...Of course after all the gift opening, what do the kids play with...
The Box

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