Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Drew is 15 Months

His favorite thing right now is to be outside ("side" as he calls it).
And he loves to carry around a bat & ball.
Drew is a climber for sure. He loves to climb up the swingset and slide ("side" also means slide).
Big brother Ty, showing him how it's done!
We discovered that an ear of corn is a great teether.
Drew's teeth have come in a silly order. His top lateral incisors (next to the front two) came in first, so he looks like he had fangs. LOL Finally this past week his bottle two teeth erupted. And just this morning at the doctor's office, we could see that his top front teeth are starting to break through.
And we have now started to teach him how to use a spoon. It's messy & a lot of fun :)

...still working on not gagging ourself with it ;)
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