Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

My little Indians at the Preschool Thanksgiving Feast

My first attempt at cooking the Thanksgiving Turkey was a success! Thank you Grandma Gilbert for walking me through it.
Here was her advice (mostly for my info so I can remember next time):
1. Buy 10-12 lb Turkey Breast (not whole turkey) at GFS
2. Put it in refrigerater to thaw 2 days before cooking
3. Wash it off w/water
4. Put 4 cups water in bottom of roasting pan
5. Add to turkey w/1 stick butter, paprika, salt & pepper
6. Wrap Turkey in heavy duty foil & place in roasting pan
7. Bake overnight (10p-6a) on 250 degrees (yes, 250- low heat)
8. Take it out in the morning to cool
9. Slice & Enjoy!
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