Friday, February 22, 2008

Flu & 8 Months Pregnant...Are You Kidding Me?

At 8 months pregnant, I'm fairly uncomfortable as it Dennis and I both have the flu! This is some bad stuff this year. Of course this is the first year I've opted not to get the vaccine. I won't make that mistake again. At the doctor's appt my BP was 80/40, so we got the lovely experience of going to triage for 3 Liters of IV fluids. Poor Dennis, body aches and all, looked just as miserable trying to sleep in the bedside chair with his head propped against the wall with my coat as a pillow. We've both been unfunctionable for 5 days now. The dehydration is making me contract frequently. We just pray Ty can hang in there until the bug is out of our home and our bodies. I never thought I'd be the paranoid new mommy asking everyone to stay away or scrub their hands. You bet I will be now!

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