Monday, February 25, 2008

Nesting & Disinfecting

Well, I think we're on the upswing of the flu now. Slowly each day we feel better and better. Now the sense of urgency has set in. If I have it my way, we'll have our C-section on Friday March 14th. That's only 2 1/2 weeks left! Not only do I feel like I have to disinfect every surface of our home, but we have to make sure everything else is ready too. We made a few returns today, and looked for things we think we still "need". As new parents, we don't know what's really necessary or even nice to have versus things that will just pile up in a few months. Do we need a pack 'n' play? How about the baby bath tub? Do we get a cool new monitor, or use the one someone gave us? Who knows. I guess we'll just wait and see. That's parenting right? Trial & Error. Poor Ty, but I'm sure he'll turn out fine.


Heather said...

C-section? What is that all about? I didn't realize you were having a c-section. I am sure it will be glorious no matter what. It is funny you wait and wait and wait some more, but when it comes down to the last few weeks (the realization sets in of how exactly this kid has to come out!)you start to think it wouldn't be terrible to be pregnant forever.

Anonymous said...

Amy...I knew you were pregnant but I couldn't remember when you were due. I'm actually going to be induced on Wednesday 2/27. We didn't find out what we're having, but Kyle and I are eager as I am 41 weeks and haven't dilated at all. If you're on facebook- i have some pictures posted. You look adorable and aside from the flu- are you doing ok? I too had the flu last weekend and it has taken me all week to feel quasi-normal- so yes, I fully knew how pitiful you felt :( Take care and good luck. I'll be praying for you~! Love, Abi

Anonymous said...

Everything is going to be awesome for you, Dennis, and especially TY! We love you all so much and are excited for a smooth delivery....when ever God decides it is his turn to come into the world! LOVE YA
Greg, Dana, Layla, and Brie

Sarah Pead said...

I'm so glad you two are getting back to feeling better. I'm so excited for Baby Ty to get here so I can give him oh so much lovin! :)

It's been weird not going to aerobics with you. I bet Angie is wondering if you've had Ty yet (haha) She'll surprised when we go back and you've popped him out! :)

i love you friend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy. Love the website and I'm glad you guys are feeling better. The flu and pregnancy don't exactly go hand in hand!
Other than the flu, I hope all is well!
Take Care.

Love ya, Sherry

Jodi said...

You have to have a c-section?

Welcome to blogger! :o)