Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Cost of Raising a Child

In the past few months it has continued to surprise me everytime the grocery bill totals about $50 more than it used to. At first I racked it up as a few too many impulse additions to my cart. But even on days where I only get the basics, it's higher. Poor economy, maybe...but then I realized it's the formula and diapers.

When we first realized we were going to become parents we tried to imagine how in the world having a kid could cost as much as they say, especially in the infant years. I had planned on nursing, so for the first couple of months that wouldn't cost anything. It would just be diapers and a jumbo pack is only about $10.99. Well as much as I really wanted to nurse, it just wasn't working out. So okay, another $20-40 a month for formula (at Sam's Club)...we can handle that. But Ty's reflux began to require more attention so we switched to a special rice formula. Enfamil AR is $25 a can, that's $100 a month.

I had to stop myself from adding it all up. And I'm sure as we continue on in this journey of parenthood the costs will continue to rise. I can't even think about college (although be assured we are thinking about it). After coming home from the grocery today with another high bill, Ty & I sat on our front porch swing and relaxed. As he studied my face, gave me an occasional smile and drifted off to sleep, those worries quickly faded. There's no price anyone could pay for this moment.


Jodi said...

It's amazing how fast baby items can add up! I went to the store yesterday JUST to get food and things for ALi while we were home this week.....over $70! Yowza! But, you're right....ALL WORTH IT! :o)

meagan said...

Been there, done that-I was so happy when Tori hit a year old. Both my girls spit every kind of formula up so I just used the Walmart brand which was half the cost of the name brand. I think I spent like $80 a month just on formula. And I thought once we got done with formula that would help having an extra $80 a month-but nope-used for food and once your kids get old enough you quit getting so many clothes and then you actually have to buy clothes. Yuck!!