Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How Quickly We Forget

As I rocked Ty before bed last night I realized how much those seemingly endless nights have faded. Although it's nice to know that season does pass, and we do survive, it also reminds me of everything else I that may be fading from my memory. Like how Ty's precious face looked the first time I saw him. He's growing so fast and I am so proud of him. I thank God for this technology along with the ability to take pictures of his progress. As much as I want to store it all in my mind forever, at least I can document it and look back.

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Jodi said...

It's amazing how fast time flies! It doesn't even seem like Ty is that old already! And, it certainly doesn't seem like Ali will be ONE in just one month! It is great that we're able to capture some of the memories to look back on.