Saturday, July 26, 2008

My 1st "Duh" Parenting Moment

So from the last post you can see that we started baby food. AND that we started it on the same day he got his 4 month vaccines. DUH...dumb idea! Hello? I'm embarrassed to call myself a nurse. So now Ty has a nice rash that we have no way of knowing what it's from.

The rash appeared the day after starting baby food and getting his vaccines. He woke up with it on his left cheek. I just thought he had rubbed his face on his blanket (he's a belly sleeper). It did seem to become a little more irritated as the day went on, but then again he slept on his belly at every nap. He was on green beans for 2 days (like I was told to do), then the 3rd day we went to peas. The rash was on both cheeks then and was starting to appear on his right ear. Finally a light bulb went on! We stopped baby food.

So then I wondered if it was a vaccine reaction? But they were the same vaccines he had last time and didn't have a reaction. The thing is, he's been off baby food for over 24hrs now and it seemed to get even worse today. That's why we are thinking maybe the Tylenol? He had a dose last night before bed. He also got Tylenol around the clock for 2 days. Could it be that? He doesn't have diarrhea, but definitely more frequent stools and very gassy, a little nose congestion too and his eyes are watery at times.

Poor guy has to be the guinea pig for us 1st time parents. Lesson learned though.

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