Monday, July 14, 2008

My 1st "Paranoid Mom" Appointment

I had my first "paranoid mom" doctor's appointment today. In the past week Ty has started pulling on his left ear. At first I thought he had just discovered his ears. But then I started to think that maybe his ear was bothering him. He had no other symptoms. Not extra fussy, sleeping fine, eating well, only a low grade fever. But for my peace of mind I went ahead and made him an appointment. Everything checked out fine. You'd think that may have been a waste of money, but isn't a price for peace of mind.


Jodi said...

you just never know when they start pulling on their ears! Every time Ali does it, I wonder if she's getting an ear infection...but then she doesn't really do it much after that, so I just figure she's playing with her earings or something.

Marshall Family said...

We have probobly done the same thing 4-5 times in Molly's short 10 months of life! It is so worth the peace of mind. By the way, who is your pediatrician?