Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ty's Saturday with Grandma & Grandpa

Ty spent this past Saturday with Grandma & Grandpa Dillman, so mommy & daddy could enjoy the day together.
They swang on the swingset

They cuddled

Ty's cousin's, Layla & Brie, came to visit

He ate cereal

And took a bath

Mommy & daddy enjoyed the day together. It was nice outside, so we rode around on the motorcycle. We had lunch, saw a movie, then caught the Greenwood fireworks at the end of the night. It was a nice day.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Cost of Raising a Child

In the past few months it has continued to surprise me everytime the grocery bill totals about $50 more than it used to. At first I racked it up as a few too many impulse additions to my cart. But even on days where I only get the basics, it's higher. Poor economy, maybe...but then I realized it's the formula and diapers.

When we first realized we were going to become parents we tried to imagine how in the world having a kid could cost as much as they say, especially in the infant years. I had planned on nursing, so for the first couple of months that wouldn't cost anything. It would just be diapers and a jumbo pack is only about $10.99. Well as much as I really wanted to nurse, it just wasn't working out. So okay, another $20-40 a month for formula (at Sam's Club)...we can handle that. But Ty's reflux began to require more attention so we switched to a special rice formula. Enfamil AR is $25 a can, that's $100 a month.

I had to stop myself from adding it all up. And I'm sure as we continue on in this journey of parenthood the costs will continue to rise. I can't even think about college (although be assured we are thinking about it). After coming home from the grocery today with another high bill, Ty & I sat on our front porch swing and relaxed. As he studied my face, gave me an occasional smile and drifted off to sleep, those worries quickly faded. There's no price anyone could pay for this moment.

Hi. My name is Amy, and I'm a addict ;)

I'm part of a group of women who all had their babies the same month I did. So we've been talking via posts ever since we were pregnant. It's nice to bounce things off each other as we go through the same stages. There are some new mommies, so it's nice to be able to relate to them. And there are also some veteran mommies who I've learned a lot from. Although if I've learned anything as a mom so far, it's that every child is unique and you take in the advice while doing what works best for your family.

As a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM), this group, and the Internet for that matter, has become my connection with the world. I'm sure to someone on the outside, being a SAHM seems like freedom. I'm sure it appears that we can sleep in late or take naps when the baby does. Or we can just go and do anything we want during the day. There is some truth to that. But for me, it is important to attempt to stick to a routine as much as possible. Now I'm not a hermit or a schedule Nazi by any means. We do go out and occasionally break the routine. But for the most part we are home.

Our day tends to look like this...wake, eat, diaper, play, nap...wake, eat, diaper, play, nap...wake, eat, diaper, play, nap...and so on until bedtime. The predictability is nice. What's even nicer is that Ty is like clockwork. So it is worth it. So I guess my point in this wordy post is that I am thankful for the Internet and groups like It makes being a SAHM less isolating and gives me a connection to friends and other mothers as we feel our way through this thing called parenting.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mom's Night Out, Boy's Night In

Dennis & Ty got some bonding time in yesterday while I went to a bachelorette party for a friend overnight. It was the first time Dennis had Ty by himself all day and overnight. I wasn't worried though, I knew he'd do great. Although I did call and check in just because I was curious what they were up to. They didn't need me. Kind of sad, but also comforting to know they can make it without me. The boys hung out at the house all day. They played, swung on the front porch swing, ordered pizza (well for Dennis anyway), took naps, and both got showers. It was nice bonding time for them as well as a nice break for me. But I have to say I was anxious to get home and see my boys this morning :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How Quickly We Forget

As I rocked Ty before bed last night I realized how much those seemingly endless nights have faded. Although it's nice to know that season does pass, and we do survive, it also reminds me of everything else I that may be fading from my memory. Like how Ty's precious face looked the first time I saw him. He's growing so fast and I am so proud of him. I thank God for this technology along with the ability to take pictures of his progress. As much as I want to store it all in my mind forever, at least I can document it and look back.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ty Eats Cereal

Also on Father's Day, Ty had his first experience with rice cereal. Now before all you "by the book" parents email me, we started him early because of his reflux. It seemed to be getting worse, so we thought we'd give it a try. And he loved it! He kept leaning forward with his mouth open for more. He wanted to help get it all in his mouth, so Dennis had to hold his hands.

Happy Father's Day


Ty bought his daddy tickets to the Indianapolis GP Motorcycle race in September. He left his daddy a note saying that he could go without him this year, but someday soon he'll want to go too!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sleep-Over at Grandma & Grandpa Dillman's

Ty had his first sleepover at his Grandma & Grandpa Dillman's last night while Dennis and I went out with a friend from high school. My mom made him up a room complete with new crib sporting mechanic/tool decor and matchbox cars. As much as I'm sure they wanted to hold him all night, they stuck with our routine. I called at bedtime to check on him and he was "working on falling asleep". A few minutes later my mom called back to let me know he'd given up and was sleeping.

Last night the rain continued to fall. The thunderstorms have been quite impressive in the past few weeks. Last night we were wakened by very loud thunder and bright lightening bolts. I wondered if Ty was awakened too. When I woke this morning I was excited to go get my little man and rushed out of the house without hearing the news. Johnson County was flooded in various areas and was under a State of Emergency. The ponds and creeks were all overflowing and the park down the street was covered in flowing water.

Despite it all, my little man slept through the night. I'm so proud, what a good boy!

picture of flood in Greenwood neighborhood

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Chill'n in My Bumbo Seat

Ty is finally holding his head up enough to sit in his Bumbo Seat! Which is great because he can sit on the counter with me while I cook dinner. His abs must be getting stronger because he's always trying to sit up now when we're holding him.

Exersaucer Fun

Within the past week or so, Ty has really started to enjoy his exersaucer. It's become his new waketime entertainer (although he also recently discovered the TV during feedings). He's starting to get the hang of turning around it and getting to look at all the toy attachements. It's also nice for mommy because I know he's contained and safe while I can be free to do other things. I think it's good for him to learn to play by himself.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sleeping Through the Night!

YEA!!!!! This past week, Ty has started sleeping through the night. He goes to bed around 8pm and doesn't wake til 7 or 8am! ROCK ON!