Thursday, September 17, 2009

18 Month Check Up

At his check-up, Ty enjoyed running around the room naked while chewing on a tongue depressor. Hey, whatever keeps him happy!
He's right on track developmentally and has gained 3 lbs in the past 3 months (thanks to the lactose-free Whole Milk I found). He only had to get one vaccine this time, Hep A. He didn't mind it too much because he was busy looking at a book (one of his favorite pass-times lately). His first molars have slowly been coming in, as well as a few on the front bottom.
It's so cool to go to each check-up and know concretely that you're doing a good job as a parent. I never realized how much questioning of ourselves we do, wanting to make the right decisions and choices for our kids. It's hard to tell if you're doing the right thing. Time will tell for most of it, but for now it's nice to know I'm doing what I can to keep him physically healthy :)

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