Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ty Happenings...

It's been awhile since I've posted, yet daily Ty cracks us up with something new. For instance just over the weekend, he started saying "yeah". His answer to EVERYTHING used to be "no". I had never heard him say yes, although we'd been working on it. Then out of nowhere he comes up with "yeah". It's so cute.

He's also really into Apples lately. "Bapple", as Ty would say. He walks around the house with it taking the tiniest bites with his 6 little front teeth. At first he was biting off the skin and throwing it onto the floor. So we had to work on teaching him that if he doesn't want it, then it goes in the trash. Which was followed by another lesson that not everything goes in the trash. Well recently we found his "bapple" hidding place...under his ride-on firetruck seat. We were watching TV one night and watched him walk over, lift up the lid, and continue to eat the apple he'd left there for himself (who knows how long ago).

Ty is also becoming much better at eating with utensils and even asks for one with his meals.

He continues to enjoy going to preschool. Each morning I'll say, "You wanna go to school today?" He says, "Yeah", and runs to get his backpack.

There's so many other things. I'll have to post more often and write as I think of them :)

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