Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Picture in My Mind

For those of you who read my blog regularly (when I post regularly;), you know I am picture-happy. But some moments can't be interrupted to run and grab a camera.

This morning I had such a moment with Ty. The boys had gotten up early as usual, so Drew was ready for an early nap. After putting him down, Ty said he wanted to lay on mommy's bed. So I put off the many things I wanted to get done to spend a moment with my precious boy.

We snuggled together under the covers and he played his games on my iphone. The moment was so priceless because as he played his game, I was able to gaze at his beautiful face without him being annoyed I was looking at him ;) I sat there and just took in his adorable features: his pouty lips which I remember being able to see on his ultrasound pictures, his long dark thick eye lashes, his eyes that seem to be changing from hazel to a dark green, a miniature version of his daddy's forehead, his precious little ears that have already been through surgery for tubes, his sweet little nose that used to look like mine but is developing into more of a mature little boy nose and I think will look like his daddy's.

Ahhh...it was just such a great moment. I wanted badly to take a snapshot of his precious face from my point of view from the pillow. But I stayed, soaked it in, and tried to imprint the picture in my mind.


Sarah Pead said...

Beautiful. I can't wait to have similar moments with my Little Man.

Carissa said...

So sweet!

Sherry Clements said...

I love it! And Beautifully written!