Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rock'n & Roll'n

This week Drew has mastered the art of Rock'n & Roll'n (rocking on all fours & rolling over, that is). His wonderful babysitter, Theresa, captures these moments and texts pictures to me when I can't be there.

This picture of Drew & Emerson (babysitter's dauther) is awesome. What are the chances of getting two very busy kids to stop and smile together like that!?

Up on all fours, ROCK'N!
He's not quite crawling, but he gets around by rocking then lunging forward.

Drew has been rolling over from belly to back since only a few months old. Now he has mastered rolling from back to belly. This is great b/c he is a belly sleeper and would get rolled onto his back @ night and was like a turtle on it's shell. I would have to get up several times to roll him back over. So he's on his own now :)


Gone!...He did it!

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