Saturday, October 2, 2010

Walk to Remember 2010

It was a soggy Walk to Remember this year, but still a beautiful scene to see all the people who came out to remember the precious lives of our babies.

Ty was VERY excited about the hallway FULL of balloons.
Family members are encouraged to take a balloon and write their baby's name or whatever they'd like on the balloon. We then carry the ballons on the walk & release them at the end of the ceremony. The sea of balloons is a beautiful sight, this year it was more of a sea of umbrellas as we walked ;)
My amazing friend, Jennifer Howe, and her boys came out to support me :)

I thought it was cute seeing Ty's drawings on the balloons this year.
We have a purple one for Riley who would be 3 1/2 years old now.
And another purple balloon for our baby who we miscarried in 2006.
The silver balloon was Ty's special balloon that he wanted to draw a doggie on. I guess he thought his brothers in Heaven needed a pet.
I enjoy doing these things...Rain or Shine.

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Erin said...

amy, what a wonderful thing to keep doing year after year. it seems like it is rainy more than sunny for these, if i am remember correctly!