Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ely, Minnesota 2011

Each year Dennis' family ventures nearly to the Canadian border to a small town called Ely, Minnesota. This was our first year as a family of 4. Boy was it a lot of work. But totally worth it!

A picture is worth 1,000 words...

And we're off! DVD players & headphones in use :)
Ty wasn't much for pictures during this trip.
Color Wonder color books were great!

Always fun to jump on the hotel beds :)
Swimming w/Cousins at hotel pool
Drew, our little fish
The big Moose

At a Wisconsin Cheese shop, Ty called this the big elephant.
Thank you God for sleeping kids during the long drive.
Finally here! Time for our first boat ride.
This was our first year to have a pontoon boat. It was so much nicer, especially with kiddos.
The water was pretty warm
Bball game by the lake

A beach & camping, best of both vacation worlds.
Smore time!
"...more pictures mom!"

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brooke said...

Your boys are just so sweet and cute. I love the giant elephant. What a wonderful trip. Someday they will be meeting you there with grandbabies in tow.