Sunday, August 21, 2011


Boo, tonsillectomies & strep are no fun! But I was ready to get this over with. I know it's confusing for the boys as to why mom is in bed a lot. I think Ty is still scared by seeing me with a hospital mask on when I had to visit the ER a month or so back. But this surgery should do it. I'm still in the painful recovery phase. As with everything, there are blessings hidden within difficult times. Because I'm in such pain, I can't do much. Dennis has been an incredible blessing. He takes such good care of me. It's been nice to be able to full relax & recoup knowing everything is taken care of. And I've enjoyed seeing him play with the boys outside the window. What a great daddy!

Ty offers to bring me a Popsicle frequently and has on occasion asked if he could lay down with me. Swoon~~~ Pure heaven. I just love snuggling with that little guy. He melts my heart.

Then there's the ever-lively Drew. I'll be dozing in & out on the couch and next thing I know he's standing next to me babbling some story that only he understands. Oh, such happiness.

I'm blessed.

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brooke said...

All those boys!! Too cute.

Thanks goodness Drew doesn't just jump on you.