Tuesday, January 27, 2009

5 Things Tag

My friend Heather tagged me to post 5 things I did today. So here it goes:

1. Woke up and made some yummy French Toast (I think Ty ate 1/2 my breakfast. The Mommy Diet).

(No I didn't take this picture of our breakfast, silly).

2. I went and worked out with my amazing friend Sarah.

(Not my best picture. This was about 2 months after having Ty. Hence why I went to workout today...still working off the baby weight. Half way there!)

3. Ty & I took a trip to Barnes & Noble to play and read books in the children's area. We saw Sarah there working on some homework.

(Ty seemed to like this book best. It was a book on wheels. Go figure!)

4. While Ty took a nap, I thought I'd dart out (Dennis was home) to get some Sudafed for my horrible sinus headache. Before I could dart out, I broke our garage door opener. Well...not on purpose obviously, it just broke as I pushed the opener.

(Again...not a picture I took...just for effect).

5. Made some yummy baked ziti, but forgot to put 2 jars of spaghetti sauce in it, so it was dry. After dinner, I did some laundry, played with Ty, and put him to bed. Fingers crossed he stays in bed. The last few nights he has woken up crying (gassy from new sippy cups, I think).

(Well, before I could even get this post done, Ty woke up. These are the sippy cups we've been using. Since Sunday he hasn't had any bottles, just sippy cups. But I really thing he's getting a lot more air than he did with the bottles. He's been tooting and burping like crazy. And like I said, he has been waking up about an hour or so after going to bed at night. I think it's b/c he gets his sippy right before bed, then lays down with a big air bubble in is belly. I tried to change our routine and give him the sippy an hour before bed so he could play a bit afterwards and work up the bubbles. But it didn't work. He just wanted to play. Any ideas? I really hate to go back to the bottle and this is really the only sippy he likes- we've tried many).

Okay, so now I tag Jodi, Kellie, Sarah, & Cassie to do your 5 Things too.


Sondra said...

Not sure if it will help but worth a try. With Ajax after his last bottle/ sippy cup I have been making a point of going in his room with the lights off and have him sit straight up on my lap with his head on me. I rub his back and pat it a little and usually get a burp out of him, plus its calming so he goes down pretty good too.

Good luck!

Kellie said...

Thanks for sharing all this... it was so cute! And I plan on doing mine today (thanks a lot :I )
Don't have any advice about the sippy- sorry...love ya girl! Hope you are enjoying your day in! If you're in~

Jodi said...

Thanks for tagging me. I'll work on getting it done!

Ali would only use the Nuby's at first too...although, I don't remember if she was more gassy. Hopefully you'll be able to find a solution soon. Poor little man!

Kellie said...

I did mine! Go see!