Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Playing Pool...Ty-Style

Ty has developed a cold the past couple of days so we had to cancel our playdates for the week. Although his nose is running and he's coughing, he still wants to walk around (holding our hands) and play. His new favorite thing to do is play with the balls on the pool table. We've had to teach him that he can't throw these balls, especially off the table. But he's catching on. He crawls around and pushes them into the pockets :)

YEA! In the pocket! Everybody clap :)


Jodi said...

too cute! hopefully his cold is going away! Ali had a cold when we went back home, and then got ANOTHER one to bring back to VA with us! FUN!

Brandi said...

Pool balls is how Braeden started learning his numbers!! :) He loved balls so we used ones with numbers to teach him! :)