Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day

We had a big snow storm come through last night.

Ty wanted to go play outside. Mommy thought it was too cold for her little guy. So...

I brought the snow inside to him! Of course the first thing he does is grab some and put it in his mouth. That's where everything goes, right?

"Hmm...that was different! Let me try that again..."

"Boy, this stuff is cold!"

"Hmm...what would happen if I dump the bowl of snow over?..."
(Yes, that's his middle finger again. Seems to pop up in quite a few his ultrasound!)

" what?"

"Guess it's okay. Mommy didn't say No."

I attempted to make a tiny snow man, but Ty thought it was more fun to eat the snow.

And eat it, he did! The whole bowl. I wonder if there are any AAP guidelines against eating snow? :)


Sarah Pead said...

Aww so cute! I suppose if you had taken him out in it, the snow would have been up over his head!

Kellie said...

OH MY! How adorable is this? What a thought... I would have never thought of that..smarty pants!

Denise7 said...

That was a great idea playing inside with snow! My kids were outside rolling, building and throwing snow and sliding down the slide. Soon Ty will be big enough to be outside playing in snow too! I notice how much hair Ty is getting, he is so adorable!