Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yea More Teeth!

Ty was playing around on the floor today and I thought he was chewing on something in his mouth. So I held him down & tried to swoop my finger around in his mouth to get it out. Turns out he wasn't chewing on anything, it was 2 new teeth coming in!

He had been fussy and had some nasty diapers, but I just figured he was sick. I expected that he'd get his other bottom tooth or top middles ones next, so I wasn't looking (or feeling) for these! Kind of freaked me out as a 1st time mom, so of course I looked online to see if it was okay. I guess it is. Some kids get their teeth in different orders and those that are not straight usually will straighten as the others come in. For now we have a hillbilly kid with one crooked tooth on the bottom and two widespread ones on top ;) LOL

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Jodi said...

Wow, he got those two before the front ones!!! Crazy! :)