Friday, February 20, 2009

Children's Museum

My friend Cassie invited Ty & I to the Children's Museum today with her son Luke!

Taking a picture of Luke taking my picture...
Ty playing in the sand at PlayScape...
The feature this time was Lego Land!

Prince Ty
He LOVED this little Dragon puppet

Playing with the blown "glass"
Luke watching for the train. Choo Choo!
Next, we were off to see the Dinosaurs...
Not sure what kind of face Ty is making here. :)

Ty kept playing with this flap that lifted up & down. I wasn't paying much attention til Cassie came over with Luke to see what Ty was looking at. It was Raptor dung... LOL
Playing with Ty-sized dinosaurs
We had a great time. Thanks Cassie & Luke!

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