Wednesday, February 18, 2009

1st Trip to the ER

So I feel like the worst mother in the world. Ty fell off our island counter today. I sat him up there and turned to grab something under the sink. Before I looked up, he had gone off the back. I wasn't sure how he fell or landed, or how I even picked him up. He, of course, was screaming. I took him in the hall to cool off by the fan (it usually calms him down). And boy did it calm him, he went to sleep right away. That worried me, so I called Dennis at work. Before the call could even go through, Ty puked all over me. Needless to say, that was the final straw and we headed to the ER. He fell asleep on the way which worried me even more. I had called my mom to meet me there. As soon as Ty saw her, he perked up a bit.
Everything on physical examination and vital signs came out normal, but since he was lethargic and had vomited they decided to do a CAT scan anyway. It all came back fine, Thank God. After I finally calmed down a bit (and Ty too), my mom convinced me to take a picture of him on his first (of many we assume) visit to the ER:


Sarah Pead said...

I'm so glad that he's doing ok!

Carissa said...

Poor Ty and Mommy. We are so glad he is o.k.