Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009

We had a WONDERFUL EASTER this year.
We started off at my parent's house.
Here is Ty with his cousins, Brie & Layla
Yes, you can see Ty's fat lip here pretty well. If you did not hear the story, I posted about it earlier this week.
And these are Ty's 2nd cousins, Gabrielle, Grace, & Grant
We did the Easter egg hunt inside since it was muddy outside. Grant decided to be the Easter bunny this year and hide the eggs. He hid one in Grandma's "fro". LOL
Ty loves playing on the stairs at my parent's house. He can crawl up them pretty fast now, but still needs a little help remembering how to slide down on his belly.
"Yea! I found some!"
"My basket's empty"
Brie finding the ones hiding on Uncle Garry.
"Look Daddy!"
Our 2nd stop was at Dennis' parent's house. We did the kid's Easter egg hunt 1st. Each kid has their own color. Ty's were orange.

"Oh wow! Look at this one mom!"

Reach! This one's way up high.

"Look Grandpa Black. See all my eggs!"
This one was Ty's special Easter bunny shaped egg.
No, that's not a bumble bee behind us...that's Dawn's new Smart Car.
"Mmm...that egg had some Honey Grahams in it!"
"Are these eggs too Mom?"
Now it's time for the Adult's Easter Egg Hunt. Each adult has their own color as well as their "big egg". Ty helped us this year.

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Jodi said...

Ty looked like he had a blast!!! It's so much more fun when they get to the age where they can actually enjoy the holidays!!!

My family does the same thing--each kid has their own egg color! :)