Thursday, April 9, 2009


Yep, we had our 1st toilet incident. Ty has a potty chair in our bathroom as well as a few books for him to "read" while he sits on his chair. He just plays with his chair right now obviously. But that was the problem...he thought ours was to play in too. It's my fault for letting him play in there in the 1st place. Usually he leaves the toilet alone, so it hasn't been a problem. But today, instead of hearing him play, I heard splashing. I went running in to find him with a handfull of toilet paper that had not only been sitting in the water, but had been peed on as well. UGH! YUCK! Needless to say we don't have any pictures b/c my reaction was to yell for Dennis and we quickly put him in the tub.

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