Tuesday, June 16, 2009

15 Month Check-up

So who feels like the worst mom in the world???...me! Ty had his 15 month check-up today and found out he as an ear infection (his first). I honestly thought he was starting the terrible two's early, or he was acting up because I went back to work, or because his belly was upset since we tried whole milk again. Nope, an ear infection. Did I mention I'm a nurse too? Geez.

Ty showing of his "owie". He got just 1 shot this time.

Look at that face! Can you see why I thought we were entering the terrible two's?

But no...the pour guy just wasn't feeling good.
Laying down sucking his thumb. So sweet.

AND we have to take him back in a month for another weight check because he has continued to drastically decline on his weight percentile. I've noticed that he's skinny-minnie, but the boy can eat! So I didn't worry too much. The doc wants us to give him pediasure and as much fattening stuff as he will eat. She said butter on everything, whole milk cheeses/yogurt, peanutbutter... You know, all those things I'm trying to avoid so I can lose weight. Actually whole milk products are kind of hard to find. I had to really search. The majority of food is made with low fat-milk these days.

We tried for the 3rd time to switch Ty to whole milk. And again he was pooping like crazy and developed a rash. It's so weird since he tolerated milk-based formula okay and can have cheese & yogurt. So I guess we'll stick to soy for now.

Other than that, Ty's doing well. Meeting all his developmental milestones...running, climbing, babbling, trying to eat with utensils. He's a lot of fun.

And like any other little boy, no matter how bad he feels, he's not down for long!

And he still loves his mommy :)

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Jodi said...

I can't believe how big he's gotten! And, he's stinkin' adorable!!!!