Saturday, June 27, 2009

Freedom Festival

I love love love this holiday season. The warm weather, cookouts, community parades and celebration. Ahhh... Ty & I attended the Greenwood Freedom Festival this weekend. He loved watching all the action passing by in the parade
(as well as a few suckers that were thrown his way).

"Vroom, Vroom...Ty loves motorcycles"

...and doggies

This is my friend Amy and her two boys Owen & Cooper.
We went to the parade together.

Ty's friend Luke Osborne got to ride in the Sheriff's petal car.

We had lots of sweaty fun that day! I was happy to have my summer craving: Lemon Shake-up! And Ty had his share of treats that day too: suckers, hot dog, Dip'nDots, cotton candy...

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