Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day

We had a big snow storm come through last night.

Ty wanted to go play outside. Mommy thought it was too cold for her little guy. So...

I brought the snow inside to him! Of course the first thing he does is grab some and put it in his mouth. That's where everything goes, right?

"Hmm...that was different! Let me try that again..."

"Boy, this stuff is cold!"

"Hmm...what would happen if I dump the bowl of snow over?..."
(Yes, that's his middle finger again. Seems to pop up in quite a few his ultrasound!)

" what?"

"Guess it's okay. Mommy didn't say No."

I attempted to make a tiny snow man, but Ty thought it was more fun to eat the snow.

And eat it, he did! The whole bowl. I wonder if there are any AAP guidelines against eating snow? :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

5 Things Tag

My friend Heather tagged me to post 5 things I did today. So here it goes:

1. Woke up and made some yummy French Toast (I think Ty ate 1/2 my breakfast. The Mommy Diet).

(No I didn't take this picture of our breakfast, silly).

2. I went and worked out with my amazing friend Sarah.

(Not my best picture. This was about 2 months after having Ty. Hence why I went to workout today...still working off the baby weight. Half way there!)

3. Ty & I took a trip to Barnes & Noble to play and read books in the children's area. We saw Sarah there working on some homework.

(Ty seemed to like this book best. It was a book on wheels. Go figure!)

4. While Ty took a nap, I thought I'd dart out (Dennis was home) to get some Sudafed for my horrible sinus headache. Before I could dart out, I broke our garage door opener. Well...not on purpose obviously, it just broke as I pushed the opener.

(Again...not a picture I took...just for effect).

5. Made some yummy baked ziti, but forgot to put 2 jars of spaghetti sauce in it, so it was dry. After dinner, I did some laundry, played with Ty, and put him to bed. Fingers crossed he stays in bed. The last few nights he has woken up crying (gassy from new sippy cups, I think).

(Well, before I could even get this post done, Ty woke up. These are the sippy cups we've been using. Since Sunday he hasn't had any bottles, just sippy cups. But I really thing he's getting a lot more air than he did with the bottles. He's been tooting and burping like crazy. And like I said, he has been waking up about an hour or so after going to bed at night. I think it's b/c he gets his sippy right before bed, then lays down with a big air bubble in is belly. I tried to change our routine and give him the sippy an hour before bed so he could play a bit afterwards and work up the bubbles. But it didn't work. He just wanted to play. Any ideas? I really hate to go back to the bottle and this is really the only sippy he likes- we've tried many).

Okay, so now I tag Jodi, Kellie, Sarah, & Cassie to do your 5 Things too.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Deep Breath

( Ty, exhausted after playing hard in the nursery at church this morning.
Don't you just love his dinosaur hat that Daddy bought for him!)
I titled this post, "A Deep Breath" because I feel like that is the stage I am in right now.
The other night as I was going to sleep, I took a deep breath and thought, "Ahhh...we have finally gotten to an easier place with our new family." Ty is sleeping through the night, 8p-8a. He is finally in an easier daytime routine (not the eat/play/sleep every 3 hours thing). He now eats like we do, breakfast/lunch/snack/dinner, AND eats what we do. He naps 2 times a day, so I get a couple hours of "me time", or time to catch up on thing that I can't do while he's up. And in the evenings, Dennis & I get "us time". Everyone is healthy. Dennis has a great job. I am able to stay home and take care of my family. I have developed some great friendships in the past year or so. And I feel like my relationship with God has grown deeper and more intimate.
It's just a great time in my life. Some would say, "Enjoy it while you can, those moments never last long." While that is true, I'm chosing not to think that way. I'm learning to stop looking ahead and anticipating so much. And just BREATHE. And enjoy the moment.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Friday, January 16, 2009

10 Month Photo Shoot

Okay, so I'm not a professional photographer. But Ty & I have been stuck at home with colds for the past week, so I thought I'd do a photo shoot today. I'll still probably take him to get real pictures done, but these aren't all that bad:

Now for the ones that aren't the best pictures, but are Ty doing what he does best!... getting into things he shouldn't be getting into...

...and wanting to play with things that aren't toys (like my hair clip)...

...and getting around to pull up on just about everything. We're working on the walking thing. It won't be long!
I just liked his pouty lips in this picture. Reminds me of the ultrasound picture we have of him at 36 weeks.

And I LOVE his skinny little neck now. I could kiss it all day!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Birthday

Today Dennis is 28 years old & Ty is 10 Months.
Happy Birthday boys!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Playing Pool...Ty-Style

Ty has developed a cold the past couple of days so we had to cancel our playdates for the week. Although his nose is running and he's coughing, he still wants to walk around (holding our hands) and play. His new favorite thing to do is play with the balls on the pool table. We've had to teach him that he can't throw these balls, especially off the table. But he's catching on. He crawls around and pushes them into the pockets :)

YEA! In the pocket! Everybody clap :)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Finally...A TOOTH!

This morning I noticed that Ty finally has his first tooth popping through on the bottom. I'm so excited. I know it's not a big deal, but Ty has been ahead on every milestone except for getting his teeth in. He thinks it's really funny to watch me brush my teeth, so we got him a baby toothbrush (without the tooth paste) and he goes to town!

If you look real close you can see the tooth starting to come through on the bottom.


This year, for New Year's Eve, Dennis & I went to my brother's house to hang out with some friends.
(Dana, Greg, Erin, Allan, Jamie, Nick, Me, Dennis, Marcia, & Scott)
We played Texas Hold'em. This is me winning back my chips (and showing my cards).
And this is Jamie take'n it all home!
Me & my beautiful Sister-in-law, Dana.
Cheers! Here's to a New Year :)