Monday, February 22, 2010

Let the Potty Training Begin!

Ty has been showing some interest in the potty lately. It helps that there are a few older kids in his class at school. He's been watching them and wanting to sit on the potty too. So his wonderful teacher, Miss Doughtery, suggested we start letting him wear pull-ups during the daytime so that he can learn to pull his pants down & up.

So far so good. He has learned to pull them down, sit on the pot (ever so briefly), point himself down, and is starting to learn to pull them back up. Still no results in the pot, but hey we'll take it! Since is is not even quite 2 yrs old (his birthday is coming soon on March 14th), and with the addition to the family coming, we will just take his ques for now and see where it leads :)

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