Thursday, February 25, 2010


I think I'm finally done with Drew's nursery. As you can see it's a Monkey theme. So fun :)

This is the Build-a-Bear that we picked out for Drew. Each of our boys have one with a recording inside of their OWN heartbeat while inside my tummy.
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J.R and Julia said...

Drew's nursery is sooo cute! LOVE it! Can't wait to meet the little guy!

Sara said...

Are those wall decals or did you paint them? Looks adorable! Love the monkey theme.

I love the build a bear idea.

Amy said...

Sara, they are wall decals. I wish I was talented enough to paint like that :) 

Erin said...

that room is so adorable. i love it!

Sara said...

Are they just stickers you stick on, can peel off and reuse, or are they the rub on kind you have to paint over? Sorry for so many questions, I've been looking for decals for my daughter's room.

Where did you get them from?

Tori said...

The room is so cute! Monkeys are perfect for baby boys growing up because they are just like monkeys! Especially Ty at school :) I have wall decals in my bedroom room an they are awesome to add a touch of something to a blank wall. I have butterflies cascading up the wall in my reading section