Thursday, February 25, 2010

Preterm Labor and Bedrest

Today we had the joy of visiting Triage again with contractions. After laying on the couch and drinking lots of water for over 2 hours, I finally decided I needed to call the doctor. So just like last time (3 weeks ago), it took 2 shots of Terbutaline to get the contractions to stop. Thankfully I wasn't dilating yet. This time they sent me home on oral Terbutaline and instructions that said: No lifting, cleaning, cooking, or physical activity. Basically BEDREST.

It's kind of a cruel joke to be told to be on Bedrest, but to also take this medicine every 4 hours around the clock that makes me jittery and feel wired. That along with the "Nesting" I've been having, is conflicting. But for the health of my baby, I'm trying to stay down.

My next appt is on Monday, and I'll be 34 weeks.
We're getting there. Hang in there Drew!

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Sherry Clements said...

I love the nursery! It is very cute!!