Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Drew 4 Month Check-Ups

Drew Thomas Black
4 Month Check-Up

13 Lbs 12 oz
24 3/4 inches
(I couldn't for the life of me get this picture to turn. Grrrr)

He's growing perfectly.
Rolling over from belly to back.
Kicking off with his feet to get around in his crib.
Trying to sit up.
Taking six 6oz bottles/day.
Eating rice cereal.
Napping 3x a day.
Sleeping 10hrs @ night (for the most part).

Drew is the BEST BABY in the WORLD!
He just smiles all the time.
He's such a joy.

These pictures are from his appointment @ Riley Hospital with Dr Boaz, a neurosurgeon.
It seems that Drew has an interesting shaped noggin. If you feel at the back of your head, we all have a bump at the base of our skull. Drew's is quite pronounced and almost "shelf-like". My Grandma & many other family members says that's just the "Gilbert head" that the boys on my mom's side of the family have ;) This is most likely the case. But just to make sure, we are going to have an MRI done in September to double check. What they are looking for would be a cyst growing that would be causing the skull to grow outwardly in that area. Dr Boaz said he is 98% sure that's not what it is b/c usually babies w/this condition are VERY fussy b/c they have headaches all the time. Drew is such a happy baby, so I really doubt it. But I'd rather check it out to make sure. We'll keep you posted.

This is probably the best picture I have to show you the back of his head. Even this doesn't do it justice. His hair covers the "shelf" a bit.

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