Thursday, July 29, 2010

Drew is 4 Months

Drew is such a joy. He is the happiest baby. I could just eat his cheeks and give him kisses all day long. The older he gets, the more people have commented that he looks more and more like Ty. While that is true, I still get glimpses of features he shares with his brother Riley as well. Drew truely is a completion to our family.


brookie said...

LOVE these pictures! PS - would you every let me do a family photo shoot of you guys? My treat. I need practice with whole families and since you all are so freaking good looking I think you could make me look good. (Plus I never gave your a baby gift for Drew.) Maybe a park near you or something?

Johnson Family said...

I love those pictures!!! Especially the one of him on his belly on the boppy! They are so good and he is extra delicious!!! Love you guys :)