Saturday, July 31, 2010


Ty has missed seeing his best friend Campbell ("Mamble") at preschool since he is staying home with is mommy now. So we arranged a playdate for them to visit Dennis @ the firehouse.

"Look Daddy...Mamble's here!"
They enjoyed climbing all over the trucks.

Maybe this is foreseeing the future!
Two firefighters in training :)
Drew was there looking on as the boys ran around.
My friend Jamie came along too. She's just a big kid at heart.

Campbell wanted to put on Dennis' helmet til he realized how heavy it was.
Ty thought Daddy looked scary with his helmet on. His face is priceless!
"'s this work Daddy?"
I was proud of myself for getting this shot. I am constantly in awe of the job my husband does. We are so proud of him.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Drew is 4 Months

Drew is such a joy. He is the happiest baby. I could just eat his cheeks and give him kisses all day long. The older he gets, the more people have commented that he looks more and more like Ty. While that is true, I still get glimpses of features he shares with his brother Riley as well. Drew truely is a completion to our family.


So you know how at the end of some movies, they show the BLOOPERS. Well, here are a few of our bloopers (funny faces) while trying to get a few good pictures:

This kid cracks me up all the time. He's got the best facial expressions and an even better Smile :)

Play Time!

Thanks to some great friends, Jennifer Howe & Alison McDaniel, Drew has some new toys to play with. He's growing up so fast!

My monkey laughing at his monkey :)

Drew's Babysitter

While I've returned to work just one day a week, it has still been hard to leave my baby. But it has been easier knowing he is in great hands. This is my wonderful friend Theresa, who loves on Drew while I work.

And this is her super adorable daughter, Emerson, who loves it when Drew comes to play!

Theresa is so great. On my first day back to work, I got this picture text of the two of them hanging out. I just had to laugh at Drew's expression :)

So Sweet


One of the wonderful things about being a SAHM (minus my 1 day/wk nursing job), is getting together with other moms and their kids. Of course, we call them "Playdates", but really it's for us moms as well. On this day, Drew & I got to visit my friend Brooke's farm. If you haven't visited her blog before, you must check it out! She's such a neat person.


There's Nothing Like A Sleeping Baby

Boys & Fireworks...Oh My!

And this is why boys need their Daddy...because Mommy is too scared to do fun things like fireworks with the kids. You can see here that Ty is a little hesitant at first (that's when he sucks his thumb).

But soon, he was right in there!!

He LOVED the ones that SNAP when you throw them on the ground.

And this one was for Mommy (I love purple).

Of course, sparklers and fireworks are more fun at night. So Ty got to stay up late one night (since it doesn't get dark til nearly 9pm).

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Drew 4 Month Check-Ups

Drew Thomas Black
4 Month Check-Up

13 Lbs 12 oz
24 3/4 inches
(I couldn't for the life of me get this picture to turn. Grrrr)

He's growing perfectly.
Rolling over from belly to back.
Kicking off with his feet to get around in his crib.
Trying to sit up.
Taking six 6oz bottles/day.
Eating rice cereal.
Napping 3x a day.
Sleeping 10hrs @ night (for the most part).

Drew is the BEST BABY in the WORLD!
He just smiles all the time.
He's such a joy.

These pictures are from his appointment @ Riley Hospital with Dr Boaz, a neurosurgeon.
It seems that Drew has an interesting shaped noggin. If you feel at the back of your head, we all have a bump at the base of our skull. Drew's is quite pronounced and almost "shelf-like". My Grandma & many other family members says that's just the "Gilbert head" that the boys on my mom's side of the family have ;) This is most likely the case. But just to make sure, we are going to have an MRI done in September to double check. What they are looking for would be a cyst growing that would be causing the skull to grow outwardly in that area. Dr Boaz said he is 98% sure that's not what it is b/c usually babies w/this condition are VERY fussy b/c they have headaches all the time. Drew is such a happy baby, so I really doubt it. But I'd rather check it out to make sure. We'll keep you posted.

This is probably the best picture I have to show you the back of his head. Even this doesn't do it justice. His hair covers the "shelf" a bit.