Monday, September 8, 2008

Our Busy Weekend

On Saturday, Ty & I went out to Raceway Park to watch my brother Greg dragrace.

The cars are very loud, so Ty wore some cute headphones.
We had a good time visiting with my neices Brianna (middle) & Layla (right)...
and Aunt Dana.

We also enjoyed spending some time in Greg & Dana's new motorhome.

This is my Aunt Patty & Uncle Brian. Brian was tickling Ty's toes and he was cracking up.
My wonderful Uncle Steve
Cousin Lyndsay
Auntie Frosty
And doggie Colt
Ty was pretty tired from a long day at the race track, so we stopped by my friend Carissa Young's house for a nap. He decided that he'd rather play with Mya than nap though. It was nice for us mommies to spend time together too.
Then we stopped in to see Daddy at the firehouse.
Each time we visit, we take pictures of Ty standing next to the firetruck tires to see how tall he's getting.

Still can't fill Daddy's shoes
It was a long day. Ty was pretty wore out by the end.
Then on Sunday, we went to my newphew Brayton's 3rd Birthday party.

My neice Montana
Ty & "Aunt" Pam
"Aunt" Ronnie gave Ty his first taste of icecream
He decided he'd like some more
Ty & daddy got in some playtime (with motorcycles of course!)
Ty was pretty wipped out by the end of the day. It was a good weekend!

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Jodi said...

I can't believe Ty is almost 6 months already!!! He's so stinkin' cute!

I dind't know your brother still did the dragracing thing.