Saturday, September 20, 2008

Family Fun Day

At Greenwood High School all the seniors must complete a Senior Project in order to graduate. Each student decides what their project will be. Most of them revolve around some type of community service. My neice Jacque decided for her project that she would organize a couple fundraising events to benefit some local missionaries. Today was Family Fun Day, the first of her planned events. It was at Perry Park and all were welcome. There was games, music, food, face painting, fingernail painting, crafts...and much more.
Jacque & Ty
This is my dad, my mother-in-law, Dennis & Ty, and little Katie (a friend's daughter).
Dennis is such a good dad.
My sister-in-law Denise is a nail technician and offered her services for the event. Here she is painting my neice Layla's nails. My neice Brianna is looking on.
Here's the finished product. She wanted blue on one hand and purple on the other.
Brianna got her nails done too...
My newphew Brayton had his face painted and a football painted on his hand.
This is my other nephew Griffin sporting his new du and a football painted on his face.
My beautiful neice Montana got painted as well
Me & my mom :)
The grandkids on my side
Ty playing with a piece of ice. Another one of Dennis' brilliant ideas to entertain Ty on a hot day.
The Chick-a-fila Cow made an appearance
Ty just stared at it. The real reason I posted this particular picture is so that you could see the tiny bright yellow car in the background. No, that's not a golf cart, it's Dawn's new Smart Car.

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