Monday, September 29, 2008

6 Month Check-up

Ty's 6 Month check-up was today. It was a couple weeks late because his doctor was on maternity leave. But we were her first appt back :) Ty passed all his developmental milestones with flying colors. He's taking baby food well, sleeping well, reaching and holding things mid-line, starting to sit on his own, and is even crawling! The doctor was surprised when she put him on his belly and he hopped right up and started to crawl. I was so proud.
She gave us the go ahead to start giving him soft table food and said by the time she sees us again she wouldn't be surprised if he's starting to take a few steps! I got a little teary-eyed. Everyone tells you how fast they grow up, but it's hard to imagine until you experience it. I'm really loving this stage he is in. He is so much more interactive. But I guess my goal as his mother is to raise him, not keep him my baby forever. Sniff...Sniff...

Here's his stats:
Nearly 20 lbs! And in the 90th percentile for everything.
He was a big boy and got 2 shots this time. He would have gotten more, but luckily there is a new vaccine that combines 3 of them into one shot.

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Jodi said...

They do grow fast! I can't believe sometimes that Ali is on her way to TWO!!!! It just blows my mind!

Ty is such a big little guy! Ali was 19lbs at her 12 month checkup! He's gonna blow right by her!!! :o)