Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Playdate

Yesterday we had a playdate at my friend Carissa's house with all my favorite girls I used to work with...
...and the kidsAfter a super yummy breakfast, we did a dirty Santa gift exchange. Except non of us were dirty...except for Bri ;) This is my friend Brianna with her new little baby Tessa. Brianna was Ty's nurse during my delivery, so it's neat now to see her as a mommy too.
We are all picture crazy (and baby crazy), so we had a photo shoot for little Miss Tessa. Look at all of us gushing over her...
She had this adorable hat and outfit on...
Mya got in on the action too.
This is Carissa with her daughter Mya who is 1 month older than Ty.
It was a good time and nice to see everyone. It's amazing out our book club & lunch dates have changed into playdates. Our conversations are a bit more interrupted and fragmented, but we always have a good time.

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Erin Heavin said...

I had such a nice morning with you yesterday! I am so glad we are able to still see each other.. you are right: our book club sure has evolved and GROWN over the last year ;)
hope you are keeping snuggled up today!