Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas

Christmas was wonderful this year. It's so much more fun to watch it through your own kid's eyes, although I'm not sure Ty quite knew what was going on. Christmas Eve we had a wonderful dinner at my Grandma's...
Us with my brother's beautiful girls...
Ty wanted to play by the fireplace most of the night. He's fascinated with candles and fire. Hmm...I wonder where he gets that from?
Christmas morning, Santa came to visit Ty...
I think with all the cameras, Ty was a little suspicious about what was going on. We finally had to prop the video camera up behind us (see it on the chair?), and Dennis snuck in a few pictures.
Ty loves it when we say, "The Cow says...Moo". So I thought he'd love this present. It's a cow flashlight that "Moos" when you press the button for the light. But he's actually a little bit scared of it.
But he was sure happy to get the football!
...and the doggy.
After having a big yummy breakfast and a nap, we went to my parent's house next.
Ty got this cool ride on/walk with toy from Aunt Dana. He has a different one at home, but he was so excited about this one.
Ty got lots of other presents and some great new clothes. Needless to say, it was a lot for the little man. So he soaked up some love'n from his grandmas.
Layla & Brianna got their own "childproof" portable DVD players. Poor little Brie was sick Christmas day. She eventually fell asleep watching this movie.
After another nap, it was time for Christmas with the Black's.Ty got this cuddly doggy from Build-a-Bear. We went to register it the next day and decided to name it Woof Woof :)
It was fun to watch all the kids open their gifts. But Dennis & I were particularly giddy waiting to give these Hulk Hands to our nephews. Let's just say it was entertaining.
We had a wonderful Christmas, and hope you all did too. Happy Birthday Jesus!

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Brianna said...

You have a beautiful family! Ty looks like he was enjoying it all, what a cutie pie!